Why My Cat Wants to Go Outside and Won’t Stop Meowing

Cats are territorial animals and they need to feel safe and secure. The household cat is accustomed to being in the home, but the outdoor cat needs to be able to hide and escape danger. Cats meow when they want something, but there are other reasons why they might be vocalizing.

Why My Cat Wants to Go Outside and Won’t Stop Meowing

If you notice this behavior in your cat, here are some reasons why he might be asking for outdoor access:

Cats Want Attention

If your cat isn’t used to being left alone for long periods, she may meow as soon as you leave the house because she’s lonely and wants attention. If this happens often, consider getting a pet sitter or hiring someone to come in while you’re gone so your cat doesn’t feel abandoned.

Cats Want Food or Water

Cats meow when they’re hungry or thirsty, so you must provide plenty of food and water for them at all times. If your cat is too young or old to get up on her own for meals, set out the food at least an hour before you leave so it doesn’t spoil by the time you get home.

The Smell Of Other Animals

It could be that your cat wants to go outside to get away from the other animals in the house or maybe he has a litter box problem. If you have more than one cat or if there’s a new cat in the family, they may not like having another animal around their territory.

Lack of Exercise

Cats need exercise just like people do. A healthy cat should have plenty of toys and other objects around his home that will keep him busy for hours at a time. 

If you notice that your cat is getting bored, then consider giving him more toys or allowing him outside during the day so he can explore on his own terms.

Cats Have Separation Anxiety

Some cats develop separation anxiety when their owners are away from home for long periods. This can happen when a new baby comes into the picture or when other family members move out of state or overseas for school.

Will My Cat Eventually Stop Meowing to Go Outside?

Yes, But it depends on how you’re approaching the situation. If your cat is meowing because he wants to go outside and you’re ignoring him, then yes, he will eventually stop meowing when you leave him alone for long periods. 

That’s because cats are territorial and solitary creatures who dislike change. 

They don’t like it when their routine changes or they’re not allowed to do what they want especially when they can hear something happening just beyond their reach.

If your cat is meowing because he wants you to come back inside after taking him outside for a walk or bathroom break, then yes that behavior should cease over time if you ignore it and ignore his requests for attention instead of giving them to him immediately.

My Male Cat Wants to Go Outside and Won’t Stop Meowing

Male cats are the ones who are more likely to go outside, but why do they do it? Here are some of the reasons why male cats want to go outside:

  1. They want to be independent.
  2. They want to mark their territory.
  3. They have a mate waiting for them outside with whom they can procreate.
  4. They have been chased by another male cat and are trying to escape from him or her by running off into the wild.

What to Do If Your Cat Keeps Meowing to Go Outside

You know your feline friend is a smart one. But have you ever wondered if your kitty can smell something that you can’t?

Sure, your cat may be meowing to get out because she simply wants to explore the great outdoors. But it’s also possible that she could be trying to tell you something: She may be smelling a cat on the prowl or another animal in the neighborhood.

If your cat is meowing to go outside, here’s what you should do:

Investigate the situation. 

If there’s a neighbor’s cat walking around or if another animal is lurking nearby, call animal control. Make sure that your cat doesn’t get attacked by a dog or other type of predator.

Make sure that your cat has plenty of enrichment activities indoors and that she isn’t feeling lonely or bored.

You can also try giving her more toys and hiding some treats around the house so that she has something else to do besides meow at the door all day long and night long.

Place a bird feeder near an interior window so she can watch birds while indoors (though don’t expect her to catch any).

Install a pet door so she can come and go as she wishes without bothering anyone else in the house (or vice versa). If you have more than one pet in the house, make sure they’re compatible with one another.

Why Does My Cat Want to Go Outside at Night

The reasons why your cat may be trying to escape are varied. They include the following:

To hunt. Cats are natural hunters, so they may want to go outside at night to catch a mouse or bird for dinner.

To play. Some cats enjoy playing in the yard and chasing other animals that might be there.

To get away from it all. Your cat may be feeling stressed by his environment and may just want some time alone to relax in peace and quiet.

Because he’s bored. If he’s not getting enough attention from you, he may resort to other ways of getting your attention, like scratching on doors or windows or jumping onto counters while you’re working in the kitchen.

How to Stop A Cat Wanting to Go Outside at Night

If you have a cat that wants to go outside at night, there are some things you can do to help.

First of all, make sure your cat has a nice indoor place to sleep so that it doesn’t feel the need to go out. Cats are quite happy sleeping on the floor or in a cardboard box. They don’t need expensive beds or furniture.

Second, make sure that your cat isn’t hungry. If it’s looking for food and it can’t find any, it will want to go hunting outside. So make sure you feed your pet at regular intervals during the day and night (or at least before bedtime).

Thirdly, if you have an outdoor cat that comes back in every evening without fail, then maybe it’s time for an indoor-only cat.

I Just Adopted a Cat and It Won’t Stop Meowing

If you have recently adopted a cat from a shelter or animal rescue group and it is still meowing, don’t worry! This is quite normal. After all, your new feline companion has just undergone quite an ordeal. 

It was probably spayed or neutered, had its shots updated, and was probably caged for several days before being rescued by the shelter staff. All of these factors will cause stress to your new pet.

It is important that you give your cat time to adjust to its new environment. If you have other pets in the house, make sure that they get along well with each other as well. 

Introduce your new cat slowly into the family so that it will not be overwhelmed by too many people at once.

What to Do When My Cat Won’t Stop Meowing

If your cat has been meowing excessively for hours or days, there may be another reason why your cat won’t stop crying. If your cat is healthy and doesn’t have any underlying health issues, then the best thing you can do is try to figure out why he’s so upset.

Cats are very expressive animals and they use their voices to communicate their emotions with people as well as other animals. 

When you notice that your cat is making noise more than usual, try to find out what’s bothering him by observing his body language, paying close attention to his facial expression and tail movements, listening carefully to his tone of voice, watching his eyes and ears for clues about how he feels, and paying attention to his overall demeanor.

Final Words

It’s okay to let a cat out because it will want to go again and again. A person might enjoy the morning air too, but the outdoor world is interesting and complex. There are sights, sounds and scents that your cat wants to check out outside. That’s why your cat wants to go outside.

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