19 Fun and Productive Things to Do on Your Day Off

We all need a day off now and then, but when those days off come, it’s easy to just fill them with the same old things you do every other day. The day is yours to do whatever you want with it, so why not fill it with things that’ll make a difference in your life? 

Here’s how to fill your upcoming days off with productive and relaxing day-off ideas.


Days off are great for exercise because you can usually break it out into two sessions: morning cardio followed by afternoon strength training (or vice versa).

Learn something new

You may not have time for classes during workdays, but your day off is a great time to learn something new, whether it’s finding a free online course or getting out of the house for something hands-on like cooking or pottery lessons.

Go for a walk

It’s good exercise, and it’s free. You’ll get some fresh air, see some new sights and get away from the office for a while. You can also go with your pet if you have one.

Create a YouTube channel

If you have an idea for a channel, and some footage to share, create your own YouTube channel. It can be as simple as uploading your videos and sharing them with friends and family.

Or if you have time during the week, you could create content every week and schedule it to post every Monday at 5 am so that it goes out while you’re asleep.

If this is something you think might be worth pursuing, check out the official YouTube Creator Academy for more tips.

Pay your bills

This is one of those tasks we often put off until later, but paying your bills on your day off means they get done before they’re due, and without having to rush through them after work when you’re tired. Plus there’s nothing quite as satisfying as paying all your bills in one go.

Visit a library

Libraries are full of free stuff. Books. Magazines. Movies. Music. Computers and internet access. You can get a lot accomplished at a library, reading, writing, learning new skills, brushing up on old skills, and so on, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Volunteer your time

Volunteering is good for the soul, as they say, and it’s also a great way to meet people and make your community a better place at the same time.

If you’re retired or not working for some other reason, volunteering can be an especially good use of your time because it keeps you occupied and gives you a sense of purpose.

Even if you have a job, you’ll probably find that any employer will be happy to let you take some time off for volunteering because it reflects well on them as well as on you.

Start Blogging

This is something that I have been working on for years now. A blog is an incredible way to create something of your own, where you can talk about all of the things you love. Starting a blog doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, either. 

Look for a side hustle

If you don’t already, try looking for some side hustles that will help bring in a little extra income, especially if you’re saving up for a vacation or house.

There are plenty of opportunities on the internet, such as blogging, freelancing, tutoring, and more.

Spend time with your partner

A little romance never killed anyone. This is important because relationships are just as much about the time spent together as it is about building trust and fostering communication and intimacy.

Learn how to save money

Do you have enough savings in the bank for emergencies or retirement? It’s time to start saving more money.

A good place to start is by learning about the different types of savings accounts and choosing one that meets your needs.

Spend time with Family

Enjoying quality time with your family is one of the most productive things you can do. You can spend this time together by playing games, having a conversation, going on a trip, or engaging in any other activity that brings your family closer together.

Read self-improvement books

Self-improvement books are a fantastic way to expand your knowledge base and improve yourself. These books can teach you valuable lessons while also motivating you to better yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you read them in quiet solitude or while lounging by the pool.

Work on your finances

If you have an extra day off, it’s a great opportunity to work on your finances. It could be something as simple as creating a budget, or something more advanced like investing in real estate.

While this task may not seem fun at first, it will pay dividends in the long run.

Plan your meals for a week

This way, you’ll know what groceries to buy so you have everything you need to make healthy, home-cooked meals. You’ll also save money by not going out to eat as much.

Do household chores

Think about what chores need doing around your space, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and go down the list until everything is crossed off. Then put your feet up and enjoy being able to see your floors again.

These activities are often inexpensive or even free, depending on where you live and what kind of place you choose to visit. It’s also a great way to learn something new or brush up on history.

Do some gardening

A little bit of yard work can go a long way toward making your home a nicer place to live. You could try planting some flowers, or maybe simply pull weeds from your lawn or garden.

A few hours of work will not only improve the look of your property, but it will give you time outside in the fresh air. That can help clear your mind and make you feel better both physically and psychologically.

Take an online course that interests you

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn about, now could be the perfect time to develop that skill by taking an online class on the subject. 

Final words

It doesn’t have to cost you anything to be creative, and sometimes the best projects come from just deciding to do something. Try out a few of these things on our list and see what happens. You may even find yourself with more time for fun things in the future.

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