How to Remove Zinc Sunscreen from Car Interior

Sunscreen stains are a common problem. They can be a pain to deal with, especially when you’re trying to keep the interior of your car clean. If you want to avoid this problem in the future, here are some tips on how to remove sun cream stains from your car’s interior.

Does All Sunscreen Stain?

Yes. Even the most SPF-rated sunscreen can leave a stain on your car’s interior. This is because the sunscreen is so oily and thick that it pools in the crevices of your car’s interior, making it difficult for you to get it out.

Why Does Sunscreen Leave Yellow Stains?

Sunscreen is made up of chemicals, so it tends to react with other chemicals in your car. This reaction causes the sunscreen molecules to break down and turn into a yellowish substance called melanin.

The melanin from suncream acts as an agent which reacts with the natural leather coloring in your car to produce dark brown or black stains which are difficult to remove. 

The resulting stain usually appears on seats, door panels, and carpets, but some people have reported it appearing on dashboards too.

Do Sun Cream Stains Come Out of Car Interior?

It’s easy to get sun cream stains on the inside of your car – that’s why we buy sun cream. But how do you get rid of them?

 It’s easy to get rid of the yellow stains from your car’s interior. Use a mild soap and water solution, then rinse well with fresh water. 

If you have an enzymatic cleaner, use that instead of soaps. The enzymatic cleaner will soften the sunscreen and make it easier to remove.

Best Methods for Removing Zinc Sunscreen from Car Interior

Method #1: Soapy water

Soak a microfiber towel in warm water, and then wring out the excess water. Use a gentle touch to gently rub the soapy water onto the zinc sunscreen. The soapy water will help remove the zinc sunscreen from your car’s interior.

Then rinse off any remaining residue with soap and water, making sure that no traces of alcohol remain on your car’s dashboard or other surfaces.

Method #2: Microfiber towel

Take a wet microfiber cloth and gently rub the surface of your car’s interior until it becomes clear. Remember to apply pressure on the cloth so it doesn’t leave any streaks on your car’s interior. 

Use this method if you want to remove all traces of zinc sunscreen from your car’s interior.

Make sure that you cover all areas of your car’s interior with alcohol-soaked microfiber cloths until they’re completely dry (about 15 minutes). 

Method #3: Rubbing Alcohol

You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove stains caused by zinc sunscreen from your seats and other parts of your interior that have been exposed to sunlight for too long. Just pour some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and spray directly onto these areas until they’re clean. 

This will remove any traces of residue left behind by zinc sunscreen

 It will remove stains fast and effectively because alcohol evaporates quickly when exposed to air so as long as you don’t use too much, it won’t damage your car’s finish at all.

 Method #4: Alcohol Wipes

Another easiest and most effective way to remove zinc sunscreen is with an alcohol swab. All you need to do is rub the swab over your car’s interior until all of the sunscreens are gone. You can also use the alcohol wipes to clean up any messes that may occur while you’re cleaning.

Method #5: Dish Soap and White Vinegar

Mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of dish soap in a bowl. Add some warm water to it until it becomes a liquid consistency. 

Dip a cotton ball into this solution and apply it to the Zinc Sunscreen surface. Rub in until all residues are removed. Rinse then dry using a towel.

Method #6: Car Cleaners

Use car cleaners to remove Zinc Sunscreen from your car interior. These car cleaners are formulated for tough jobs like removing gum from vinyl seats or cleaning greasy dirt from car interiors. 

They work best when applied directly over the affected area; however, you can also use these cleaners on surfaces that are not covered by Zinc Sunscreen.

Method #7: Degreaser

Use a degreaser, such as car-wash soap or engine degreaser. Make sure that you thoroughly wet the surface with water, then apply the degreaser solution and rub it in with a soft cloth. Rinse off any remaining residue with water, and then dry with a clean towel.

 Will Vinegar Remove Sunscreen Stains? 

Yes, Use Dish Soap and White Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural cleaner that can remove some stains from your car’s interior. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to remove sunscreen stains on leather.

To remove sunscreens from leather goods, you’ll need to use a combination of warm water and dish soap. Mix some parts of vinegar and dish soap and put in a spray bottle. 

Spray this solution on the stain until it’s gone, then wipe away any excess residue with a damp cloth. If necessary, repeat this process several times until you see no more stains on your vehicle’s upholstery.

The problem with using white vinegar is that it has a very strong smell and it might not be something you want to use in your car. If you choose to use this method, make sure to dilute the vinegar with water and an equal amount of dish soap before applying it.

Can You Get Sunscreen Out of Leather? 

Use rubbing alcohol or White Vinegar

Rubbing alcohol is another option that works well on leather, but it’s not as effective as white vinegar at removing sunscreen stains. The best thing about rubbing alcohol is that it doesn’t leave behind any residue as other cleaning agents do, so there’s no need for additional cleaning afterward.

Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar directly on top of the stain, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then wipe away with a damp cloth or paper towel. Repeat this process if necessary until the stain is gone.

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