How to Remove Poop Stains from Baby Clothes Easily and Safely

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard to get your baby dressed, only to have them poop on themselves before you can even leave the house. Luckily, it’s not impossible to remove poop stains from clothes. You just need a little bit of time and some patience. Stains on your baby’s clothes are inevitable. Whether it’s a spit-up stain or a dirty diaper, there will be times when you need to clean up messes and remove stains from your baby’s clothes.

The best way to remove a poop stain from baby clothes is to apply a small amount of mild liquid laundry detergent directly onto the stain and rub gently until it disappears (do not saturate). If this does not work, try again with a commercial stain remover that contains enzymes or oxygen bleach (do not use chlorine bleach).

Although some stains may require professional help, many can be removed at home using common household products. Continue reading this guide to learn the effective tips to get poop stains out of baby clothes.

Does Poop Stain Clothes

If you have a baby, you may often find yourself washing stained clothes. This can be a challenge, especially if the stain is poop. Poo stains are notoriously difficult to remove, and they can easily ruin your favorite shirt or pair of pants if you don’t act fast enough.

You’ll need the right tools and products to clean up those messy accidents quickly so that you don’t end up throwing away all of your pretty clothes (which would make Momma sad). The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get rid of those dirty stains and keep them from happening again.

Why Do Babies Have Poop Stains?

Babies have poop stains because their bodies are still developing. This is why you need to change your baby’s diaper frequently and keep them in cloth diapers or disposables that are easy to wash.

Babies also have a lot of bowel movements because they’re eating so much food. Infants’ stomachs are small relative to their bodies, so they eat more often than adults do (say 10 times per day instead of three). Babies eat lots all the time because breast milk is designed for them; it digests quickly so that it can be digested quickly and provide nutrients easily without adding unnecessary weight gain.

What’s the Best Method for Removing Poop Stains?

The best method for removing poop stains from baby clothes is to pre-treat the stain with a liquid detergent, then wash the clothes in hot water.

To remove a poop stain from fabric:

  • Pre-treat the stain with a liquid detergent or vinegar according to the instructions on the product label. (Be sure you’re using a product that was designed specifically for baby clothes.)
  • Rinse until all of the soap is gone and no suds remain. If possible, rub some ice cubes into your stained area – this will help lift out any remaining dirt or grime that’s still on your garments.
  • Wash your garment as soon as possible after staining it, the longer it sits around, the harder it will be to get out.

How to Remove Poop Stains from Baby Clothes

Method 1: Pre-Treating the Stain

If the stain is still wet, you should be able to treat it right away. To do this, you’ll need a pre-treatment product like Shout or Spray ‘n Wash. First pour some of the product onto a clean cloth and blot the stain until it’s gone as much as possible. Let it sit for several minutes before rinsing it with cold water.

Wash your clothes as usual and enjoy your fresh-smelling clothes.

Method 2: Removing the Stain Using Liquid Detergent

If you’re dealing with a bit of poop that has dried on your baby’s clothes and has been there long enough to set into the fabric, chances are it will not come out simply by using soap and water.

To get rid of this type of stain, you’ll need to use some liquid detergent instead. You should also remove your child from their soiled clothes before attempting this method so they aren’t sitting in their own waste while it is being removed.

Once you have done that, follow these steps:

To remove the stain using liquid detergent, fill a basin with warm water and add a few drops of liquid detergent. Soak the stained clothing in the water for 30 minutes. Remove the clothing from the basin, rinse well with cold water, and allow to air dry.

Method 3: Removing the Stain with a Disposable Wipe or Paper Towel

  1. You can use a disposable wipe or paper towel to soak up the excess poop.
  2. Then, use a clean cloth to blot the stain.
  3. Rinse the cloth with cold water and repeat until the stain is gone.
  4. When you’re done, use a dry cloth to blot the stain one more time before drying it in the dryer and putting it away in its drawer or closet again.

Method 5: Using Baking Soda, White Vinegar, and Salt

This method is one of the most effective ways to get rid of poop stains. It involves using baking soda, white vinegar, and salt to clean the clothing before washing them in hot water with detergent.

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure that the stain is completely dry before proceeding with this method.
  • Once it’s dry, sprinkle some baking soda onto the stain (do not rub it in).
  • Next, you’ll want to pour some white vinegar directly on top of the baking soda and then let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly in cold water.
  • After this step is complete, sprinkle some table salt onto your stained clothes and rub it into the fabric until all traces of brown are gone (about five minutes).
  • Then wash as normal with hot water and detergent.

Method 5: Using Sunshine to Remove Stains

The sun’s UV rays can help remove stains and restore the color of your baby’s clothes. You should only wash the stained part of your clothes in this method, as some fabrics will become brittle if you wash them all together.

Be sure to air dry your clothes after they are washed in sunlight and check periodically for dryness before removing them from the line to reduce fading or wrinkles that may occur with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Tips for Removing Poop Stains from Baby Clothes

  • Don’t use the same method for all stains.
  • Don’t use too much detergent.
  • Don’t rub too hard.
  • Don’t use bleach on colored fabrics or whites, it could make the stain permanent!
  • Don’t use too much heat (e.g., ironing), which can set the stain and make it harder to remove later! You also want to avoid applying direct heat at all costs.

Poop Stains on Baby Clothes FAQs

Why Does Baby Poop Stain So Bad

To understand why baby poop stains so badly, it helps to take a look at what is happening inside your baby’s body when she has diarrhea. First and foremost, she is likely drinking less than usual because she is uncomfortable with her symptoms and doesn’t want to drink much water due to the pain of both having diarrhea and not wanting anything in her mouth.

Additionally, she has an increased metabolism that burns through food faster than usual, which means there’s less time for digestion before waste has to get flushed out (and thus more frequent elimination).

Finally, and most importantly, the composition of her stool itself changes: it can be greener or darker in hue, it may smell worse, and it will often have chunks or particles floating around in it that weren’t there before (such as undigested grains).

Will Poop Stains Come Out?

Poop stains are the worst. They’re gross, but they also happen to be a part of life for most parents. And if you have a baby who breastfeeds, you have an even higher chance of encountering them because those little ones don’t seem to know how to “hold it in” very well.

But there are ways to remove poop stains from clothes and other fabrics without having to throw everything away or scrub out your carpet with bleach! Read on for tips on how to get rid of those unwanted yellow-stained items once and for all.

How to Get Breastfed Baby Poop Stains Out of Clothes

To get breastfed baby poop stains out of clothes, wash the clothes as soon as possible. The longer the stain sits on your clothes, the more difficult it will be to remove. Use warm water and add a small amount of laundry detergent designed for babies’ clothing.

You may also want to use laundry detergent with bleach if you have stains that are particularly stubborn or if you’re trying to get breastfed baby poop stains out of white clothing.

Wash your stained items in hot water using a washing machine or by hand using warm water and soap flakes in a basin or bucket. For really stubborn stains, soak them overnight before washing them again with laundry detergent and bleach (if necessary).

How to Remove Set in Poop Stains from Baby Clothes

To remove set-in poo stains, you can pre-soak clothes with a stain remover before washing them.

  • Apply the stain remover to the affected area and rub it gently until you feel that it’s soaking into the fabric. Then let it sit for at least 15 minutes (you can leave it on overnight).
  • In the meantime, fill your sink with cold water and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Put your clothes into this mixture and let them soak for 30 minutes (or overnight).
  • Wash as normal using either hot water or warm water depending on whether you’d prefer to use an energy-efficient appliance or not, just make sure not to use a dryer.

How to Get Yellow Poop Stains Out of Baby Clothes

If you want to remove yellow poop stains from baby clothes, here are a few tips:

  • Use regular laundry detergent. It may not work as quickly as a stain remover or spray would, but it will do the job in most cases.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide if you don’t have access to regular laundry detergent. Spray your stained clothes with hydrogen peroxide and let them sit for 10 minutes before washing them again normally. This will help break down protein stains like those caused by urine and breast milk spit-up. The added bonus is that it can also help get rid of red wine stains.

Does Baking Soda Remove Poop Stains?

Baking soda will not remove poop stains. It has no cleaning properties, so it can’t be used as a cleaner. Baking soda is not a laundry detergent, either, and it’s definitely not something you should use to get poop stains out of your clothes (or anything else).

Can You Wash Poop Out of Clothes?

The answer is yes, but it depends on the type of fabric. The best way to remove poop stains from clothes is to soak them in a mixture of warm water and detergent. If you don’t have time to soak them, you can try using a pre-treater.

Does Oxiclean Remove Poop Stains?

Oxiclean is a laundry stain remover, detergent, and cleaning product. You can use Oxiclean on your clothes or in the wash to remove stains from poop and other messes. It’s also great for getting stains out of your dog when they get into something like berries or chocolate.

There are so many uses for OxiClean, whether it’s as a laundry detergent or an all-purpose cleaner. But how well does OxiClean work on poop? I mean, it says right on the bottle that it’s designed to remove stains (including poop), but what happens when you actually try using it to get rid of some real human waste?

Can Baking Soda and Vinegar Remove Stains?

Yes, vinegar can remove some stains. And yes, baking soda will remove other kinds of stains. But what if you combined both of these ingredients into one recipe? Would that work better than either ingredient alone?

Will Vinegar Remove Poop Stains

If you want to remove poop stains from clothes, then vinegar is the solution for you. Vinegar removes many types of stains from cloth, including poop. It’s also a natural stain remover and very safe for the environment and human health. Here are some other reasons why you should use vinegar instead of chemicals:

  • It’s an all-natural product (biodegradable)
  • It’s eco-friendly and safe for the environment
  • It costs less than commercial products and works just as well


Hopefully, this guide has given you some helpful tips for how to remove poop stains from baby clothes. Just remember that the most important thing is getting started, the sooner you try one of these methods, the better.

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