How to Remove Lint Balls from Sweatpants

Lint balls can be a problem for people with sensitive skin because it’s not just the lint that bothers you. It’s also the friction of rubbing against your skin, which can cause redness, itching, and even rashes.

What Are Lint Balls?

Lint balls are the fuzz that collects on your sweatpants. They’re caused by friction between the fabric and your skin, usually when you slide your pants up at the waist.

What Causes Lint Balls on Sweatpants?

The most common cause of lint balls is friction. When you wear your sweatpants for a long period of time, the friction between the sweatpants and your skin causes some of the fabric to bunch up in folds. 

How to Remove Lint Balls from Sweatpants

Duct Tape

Duct tape is another way to remove lint balls from your sweatpants. 

  1. First, cut off any excess duct tape so that there are no long pieces hanging off of your shirt or pants. 
  2. Next, put some duct tape over the area where you want to remove the lint ball (usually a hole or stain). 
  3. Press down firmly until all of the lint comes off, then peel off the rest of the tape. 

This method works best for large holes or stains like those found on socks.

Fabric Razor

The first step is to remove the lint from your fabric by rubbing it with a fabric razor. For best results, hold the fabric up to the light and use a straight edge such as a ruler to line up your marks for cutting the loose fibers away from the surface of your pants. You can also use this trick on clothing that has pills or other small pieces of debris stuck in it.

Lint Remover

The best way to remove lint balls from your sweatpants is with a lint remover. The type of lint remover you use depends on the material of your sweatpants. 

Sweatpants made from cotton or wool tend to be easier to remove than those made from synthetic fibers, as these types of sweatpants usually pick up more lint in general.


If you have scissors on hand, it’s easy to cut off any loose lint that gets trapped on your sweatpants or around the waistband. 

Just cut off one end of each piece of clothing and then run it under hot water 

You can also use scissors to cut away any excess threads hanging off your pants if they start getting stuck together after you’ve removed some lint from them.


A razor blade is another method that can be used to remove lint from clothing without damaging it. You’ll just need to make sure that the blade is sharp enough or else you might end up slicing into the fabric of your pants instead of cutting away the lint fibers themselves (the first step should always be using a dull blade).

How to Prevent Lint Balls on Clothes

Wash your sweatpants inside out

This will help keep the lint from sticking to the inside of the pant legs. If you wash them outside in, you may find yourself with a lint ball on your shirt.

Wash sweatpants with similar clothes

Wash sweatpants with similar clothes whenever. This will prevent any lint balls from forming on them because they won’t have time to stick together while being washed and dried.

Use a lint catcher when washing

A lint catcher can be purchased at most home goods stores or online, and it’s an inexpensive way to fix any problems with your clothes as they’re being washed.

This will catch any loose fibers that may have fallen out during washing and prevent them from becoming lint balls again.

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