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How to Make Money While Pregnant (21 Easy Ways)

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. The sense of fulfillment and peace that comes with carrying a child inside you is indescribable.

However, it can be difficult for some women to keep up with the daily tasks of being pregnant. This can include work, family, and other responsibilities that need to be taken care of.

If you’re looking for extra income ideas, here are some ideas for making money while pregnant:

How to Make Money While Pregnant

If you’re pregnant and have some free time, it may be a good idea to use that time to earn some money. Here are some ideas for how to make money while pregnant:

Write E-Books And Sell Them Online

Writing an e-book is a great way to make money while pregnant because all you need is a computer with internet access and knowledge of how it works. Once written, sell your e-book online through various platforms like Amazon or any other platform where people buy books online.


Transcription jobs are abundant and require very little training or skill. If you have a computer, internet, and a good pair of headphones, you can do this job from home.

Open an Etsy Store and Sell Handmade Baby Items

If you’re crafty and enjoy making your baby clothes or toys, then consider selling them on Etsy. The site is a marketplace for handmade goods, so it’s easy to set up a shop and start selling right away.

Open Up a Virtual Assistant (Va) Business

Virtual assistants work with clients remotely over the phone or online via email and other forms of communication. You can set your hours and work as many or as few hours as you want each week it’s up to you.

Many virtual assistant companies will provide training programs to help get you started if this is something that interests you.

Online Tutor

If you’re good at something, chances are there are people out there who need your help. Teaching online is one of the simplest ways to make money from home. You can start with just a few hours per week and build up as your pregnancy progresses or even after your baby arrives.


If you don’t have a house to sell right now, housesitting could be a great option for you. You could live in someone else’s home while they’re away, which means that all housing costs are covered and all bills are paid for free in their absence.

Potentially even better, it could also mean free food and utilities while living on someone else’s dime.


Freelancing can be a great way to make money while pregnant if you already have a skill set or specific expertise that others need help with. There are plenty of websites out there where freelancers come together to find work, think Fiverr or Upwork (formerly called Odesk).


Another way to make money is by translating content from one language to another. There are a lot of freelance job sites that hire people who can translate all sorts of content into different languages. 

You can find them by searching for “translator” on Google or by visiting sites like Upwork and Freelancer, which have thousands of jobs available at any given time.


If you already have kids, then you might want to consider babysitting other people’s children while they go out on dates or attend parties during the evening hours when most parents are working or otherwise occupied with their families during the day.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help busy people with administrative and other personal tasks, often via email or other remote communication. You can find writing, editing and proofreading, social media, marketing, and graphic design jobs on sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and

Freelance Proofreader or Editor

Editors check grammar, spelling, and style errors in texts before they are published. Freelance editors often work on novels, academic papers, and other texts that require an expert eye to ensure that they are error-free.

Proofreaders may also check for typos but mainly focus on making sure the document flows logically from one paragraph to the next.

Dog Walker

If you love dogs but don’t have enough time to walk them yourself, consider becoming a dog walker instead.

As long as your local government permits it (and most do), you can set up a business where people pay you to take their dogs out for exercise during the day while they’re at work or otherwise occupied with other commitments.

Social Media Manager

The average salary for a social media manager is $61K per year. The job requires frequent monitoring of social media sites and responding to comments, questions, and concerns as they arise. 

This position also includes managing the company’s presence on other sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Many companies offer remote positions for this role, so it may be a good option if you’d like to work from home.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I’ve been using Pinterest for years now, and I’m not even remotely close to being an expert. But if you like Pinterest and want to make extra money, this is a great way to go about it! You can find more information on Pinterest’s website or by contacting them directly via email.

Freelance Bookkeeper

If you have experience as a bookkeeper or accountant, this could be a great option for you. You will need an updated resume with references from previous clients and maybe even an accounting degree if possible.

Teach an Online Course

With sites like Udemy and Skillshare, anyone can teach a class on just about any topic. And there’s no reason you can’t use your pregnancy as inspiration for a course. If you’re interested in teaching a course but need some help getting started, there are plenty of courses available that can give you the tools to do it right.

Take Surveys for Cash

There are a lot of survey sites out there that pay cash for your opinion on everything from the types of diapers you use to what type of car you drive.

These surveys are often short and sweet enough that they can be done while nursing and even while pregnant (if you’re comfortable enough with it).

You can easily make $100+ per month doing this, which is pretty good considering how little time it takes.


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