How to Look Beautiful As a Teenage Girl

Being a teenager is not easy. You have to deal with a lot of changes in a short amount of time, like the stress of school and the social pressure to fit in.

A teen girl can look her best by keeping up with a beauty routine that will make her feel like she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

Because looking good is often a big part of feeling good, it’s important to keep up with a few healthy habits.

The good news is that we all have the potential to look beautiful. No matter what our age and size, we can look good if we take care of ourselves and feel good about ourselves.

Here are some skincare tips for teenage girls to look beautiful naturally every day

Tips for Looking Natural Beautiful As a Teenage Girl

Know your skin type

Figure out what your skin type is and buy products accordingly. If you have oily skin, you’ll need different products than if you have dry skin. 

Don’t be afraid to try new products until you find something that works for your skin type.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eating healthy foods does not just promote good health. It also helps us to look healthy and beautiful. A balanced diet is one that includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals in the right proportions. 

Healthy foods include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains like whole-wheat bread or brown rice, lean protein sources like chicken breast or fish, eggs, and plenty of water.


Exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and brighten up your skin. Try using a face scrub or plain oatmeal mixed with water or olive oil. 

Apply the exfoliant by gently rubbing it in circles on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, then rinse thoroughly.

Leave your lips bare

The lipsticks and glosses that are popular in magazines and at the mall aren’t always the best colors for you. For a more natural look, wear chapstick or lipgloss with a hint of color. 

You can also use a bit of shimmer on your cupid’s bow for the fullness.

Try not to wear too much eye makeup either

Even if you are going for a smoky look, try to keep it down to just eyeliner and eye shadow, with mascara for volume and length.

For a natural look, go for minimal makeup, or even no makeup at all! Just remember to wash and moisturize your face well before you go out.

You should remove makeup before bed.

Get extra-long lashes

Brush your lashes with an eyelash curler first before applying mascara, then apply two coats of mascara in order to get longer lashes.

Try a toner

After washing your face, use some toner on a cotton ball or pad, and wipe it over your skin. Toner removes oil and dirt that gets left behind after washing, so it is essential for preventing breakouts.

Moisturize your skin

Many girls skip this step, but moisturizing is essential for healthy-looking skin. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and hydrated skin looks young and fresh. Moisturize at least once a day after cleansing or toning, or both.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can show on our faces. This is because when we do not get enough sleep, the body releases stress hormones that can cause breakouts on the skin. 

Also, when we do not get enough sleep, our eyes may become puffy and dark circles may appear under our eyes. 

Teenage girls need at least eight hours of sleep per night in order to look youthful and energized the next day.


Find hair care products that work for your hair type and use them regularly. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, there are many options available at stores like Target or Walgreens depending on the kind of hair you have. 

If you’re not sure what kind of hair you have, ask your mom or older sister – they’ve probably gone through the same thing.


Smiling is an attractive feature that many people miss out on because they don’t smile often. Even if you feel uncomfortable or shy smiling around others, try it out, it’ll boost your confidence.

Limit your makeup to lip gloss and mascara

Try to keep your hair clean, too — wash it at least once or twice a week and apply conditioner. A girl who dresses nice and looks put together is a lot prettier than one who is wearing stained sweatpants, unwashed hair, and no makeup. 

Use deodorant

Stay clean and fresh-smelling, because guys definitely notice how you smell. 

Oil your hair 

A great way to make sure your hair stays healthy is to oil it often with coconut oil or almond oil. This will help prevent split ends so you always have long healthy-looking locks.

Take care of your fingernails

They should be clean, cut short, and filed regularly. You can also add some polish if you’d like. Nail polish looks nice on all skin tones, but the colors that look best on dark or light skin vary widely from person to person, try different colors until you find one that looks good with your complexion.

Exercise regularly

Exercise will improve your physical strength and appearance, but it also has a positive effect on mental health as well. 

Even doing something as simple as taking a brisk walk around the park for 30 minutes each day can help keep you in shape.

Be careful about sun exposure

The sun’s harmful rays can cause skin damage such as premature wrinkling and increase your risk for certain cancers if you don’t wear sunscreen or sunblock with at least SPF 15 when outdoors for extended periods of time. 

Try to stay out of the sun between 10 am-4 pm, when the sun’s rays are particularly harsh and wear a hat to protect your face from direct sunlight.

Brush your teeth

When you brush your teeth in the morning or at night, make sure to brush them gently and slowly. If you brush them hard and fast, this can make them yellowish because it wears down the enamel. Brushing them more gently will help prevent this from happening so that they stay white and bright.

Bring a mint

You never know when someone is going to give you a bad breath check. Bring a mint with you wherever you go so that whenever this happens, you can just pop one in your mouth and avoid any embarrassing situations.

Final words

It’s fun to dress up and look your best, especially when you’re a teenager. That doesn’t mean that looking good is always easy. There are an endless number of fashion choices to make, and trends seem to change faster than ever these days. 

But that’s okay: having a clear sense of what looks good on you, along with the willingness to experiment, is probably the best starting point you can have. And with the help of your friends, it’s not always that hard to get some great style advice.

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