How to Get Vicks Out of Hair ( 3 Effective Ways)

Vicks is a very common product in the home. It’s used to help you breathe better, but it can also cause problems if you use it on your hair.

Vicks is an antimicrobial medicine that comes in the form of an aerosol canister, which you spray into your nostrils or down the back of your throat. It’s usually found in the form of steam or vapor, but some people also use it as a lotion or gel. 

It’s supposed to be used for its ability to relieve cold and flu symptoms, but sometimes people use it for other purposes such as to treat dry skin or even headaches.

How Long Does Vicks Vaporub Last on Skin

Generally, Vicks Vaporub lasts up to 8 hours on the skin. It depends on how much you use it and how often you use it.

Side Effects of Applying Vicks on Hair

Applying VapoRub may cause scalp irritation. This can result in redness and itching. If you experience these symptoms, it is best to avoid applying the product to the scalp.

If you have sensitive skin, it is possible that VapoRub may cause a rash or irritation on your skin. If this happens, you should wash the affected area with warm water and soap and apply an anti-itch cream to prevent further irritation.

How to Get Vicks Out of Hair

Vicks is extremely sticky and difficult to get off your skin or hair. If you want to remove Vicks from your hair, there are several ways you can do so. Here’s how:

Method #1.  Dishwashing 

 Add Dishwashing Detergent

The first step to removing Vicks from your hair is to add some dishwashing detergent to the water to help dissolve it. 

This can be done by adding a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent to the water, or by adding a capful of liquid dishwashing detergent in with your regular shampoo.

Rinse Hair

After rinsing out your hair with plain water, rinse it again with warm water. This will help remove excess soap from your hair and make it easier for new soap molecules to enter the hair shaft.

Apply Shampoo

Next, apply a shampoo that contains an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). SLS is commonly found in shampoos because it breaks up oils on the surface of the skin and removes dirt from the pores. 

It also has anti-dandruff properties that keep dandruff-causing bacteria from sticking to hair follicles.

Rinse and Dry Your Hair

Once you’ve applied SLS-containing shampoo, rinse and dry your hair thoroughly. This will help get rid of any leftover Vicks that may still be clinging on after rinsing out your shampoo.

Method #2: Baby Powder

 Step 1. Sprinkle Baby Powder

Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on the head of your child. This will help to absorb moisture and prevent Vicks from getting into the hair.

Step 2. Use Dry Paper Towels

The paper towels should be dry, not damp. Apply them to your wet hair and rub them together until they absorb all of the water that is left on your hair. 

Do this for about five minutes before you rinse off the baby powder or other drying agent.

Step 3. Rinse Hair

Rinse your hair with warm water until all traces of Vicks are gone, then dry it thoroughly with a towel or blow dryer. If you’re using baby powder or hot water, this step is not necessary since it’ll simply absorb any remaining liquid in the hair.

Step 4. Apply Shampoo

Use a mild shampoo that doesn’t contain alcohol or petroleum products (such as Vaseline) to remove any oils from your scalp so that they don’t interfere with the drying process of your hair when you apply baby powder or another drying agent later on in this process.

Step 4. Rinse and Dry Your Hair

Rinse off all of the shampoos and then carefully dry off all of the excess moisture in your hair by gently patting it down with a towel or blow-dryer until it’s completely dry.

Method #3. Use Olive Oil and Shampoo

 Step 1: Apply a small amount of olive oil to your hair. The oil will help the Vicks extract from your hair.

Step 2: Put on the shower cap for 10 minutes. This will allow the Vicks to absorb into your skin and hair.

Step 3: Rinse out your shampoo and conditioner with warm water, then rinse again with cold water. This will help wash away any leftover Vicks from your hair, leaving it clean and smelling great!

Step 4: Apply a nourishing conditioner or leave-in treatment to moisturize dry ends before drying and styling as desired.

Can You Leave Vicks in Your Hair Overnight?

You can leave Vicks on your hair for a few hours, but don’t leave it on for too long. It could dry out your hair and make it brittle.

If you’re going to be sleeping with Vicks in your hair, make sure it’s rinsed out first. You should wash your hair every day anyway, so leaving Vicks on overnight is not necessary.

If you have very dry or damaged hair, you may want to leave Vicks on overnight because it will help moisturize and strengthen the strands.

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