How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants in House, Kitchen & Car

 If you have crazy ants invading your home, you may be wondering how to get rid of them. Crazy ants are also known as tawny crazy ants, Rasberry crazy ants or tropical crazy ants. They are aggressive and invasive and can cause damage to electrical wiring and other household items.

What are crazy ants?

Crazy ants are more than just annoying pests. They can damage electrical equipment by chewing on wires, which can lead to fires and power outages. They also damage building foundations by tunneling through them and eating wood. Crazy ants infestations have been reported in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

What are crazy ants attracted to

Crazy ants are attracted to sweet foods like honeydew melons and sugary drinks such as soda pop. They also enjoy eating insects that are already dead or dying (such as flies), which means they’ll feed on dead animals if they find them in your garbage cans or around your home.

Signs of a crazy ant infestation

The signs of a crazy ant infestation depend on where the ants are living inside your home or business. If the ants are living outside your home or business but coming inside because they are attracted to food sources there are some common signs to look for:

You will see large numbers of ants moving around on sidewalks and driveways while they search for food sources such as sugary liquids or pet food left outside overnight

You may see dead ants around areas where they were trying to get into your home or business (for example under doors).

How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants Home Remedy

To get rid of crazy ants, you can use baits, sprays, and dusts. The best way to get rid of these pesky critters is by using a combination of these products. Here are some tips on how to get rid of crazy ants:

Treat the entry point with ant bait

Baits are an effective way to kill crazy ants because they lure the ants with food and then poison them as they eat it. You can buy ant baits at your local hardware store or garden center. These products come in different forms: granules, liquid sprays, or gel baits.

Try Spray

Spraying will help eliminate crazies that have already invaded your home or business premises along with preventing future infestations from taking place. 

You should spray any areas where you’ve seen crazies such as cracks in walls and on surfaces like windowsills and doorways where they could enter your home or business premises by climbing up from the ground below your property line into your building/property from outside through cracks in walls/windowsills.


Dusts are considered the most effective treatment for killing ants, but they must be applied directly to the worker ants. Ants can move quickly, so it’s important to place the dust in areas where you see most of your ant activity. You can also mix the dust with water and spray it directly at the ants on a wall.

Borax Method

Mix equal parts sugar and water in a bowl until it forms a thick paste. Add two tablespoons of borax powder to the mixture and stir until it dissolves completely. 

Pour this solution into a spray bottle or squirt gun and spray it directly on any crazy ants you see around your home or garden area. This mixture should kill off most of your crazy ant problem within 24 hours

How to Prevent Crazy Ants in Your House, Car, and Kitchen

1. Stay vigilant

Crazy ants are very small, and they can move around a lot faster than you’d expect. That means that you need to keep an eye on your home at all times for signs of infestation.

2. Keep things clean and dry

Crazy ants like to nest in dark places where they won’t be disturbed, so keeping your home as clean as possible will help keep them at bay. If there’s moisture in your home (especially in the kitchen), it could provide a breeding ground for these pests.

Make sure that you avoid keeping food out at night or storing food in the kitchen cabinets overnight, which is one of the best ways to attract them!

3. Seal off entryways into your home

Crazy ants are attracted to light, so don’t leave any cracks or openings in your doors or windows that they could use to get inside your house especially if you have pets or kids who might be able to accidentally let them in.

It’s also important to make sure that any vents leading into your house have screens on them so that nothing can crawl through those openings either.

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