100+ Fun Family Activities & the Best Things to Do with Kids

Family activities at home are not only an important part of the family’s life but also a great way to bond with your children. The activities that we choose to do with our kids are important because they will affect them for years to come.

When I was growing up, my parents were always busy doing different things with us. They would take us to the park, go shopping, play games, or just talk. They always made sure that we didn’t feel bored and lonely.

I remember many days when all six of us would sit down together and watch TV together. We would also read books together and learn new things from each other’s perspectives. These were some of the most fun moments in my life as a child, I still remember them fondly today.

Nowadays, everyone has so much time on their hands that they can’t spend it all with their kids, they’d rather spend it working at home or paying bills online than spending quality time with their family members.

At home, you can do anything from playing games to learning new things together. Here are some of the best ways to keep your family active and happy:

  1. Read bedtime stories 
  2. Cook together
  3. Sing aloud together in the car
  4. Tell them how much you love them
  5. Play tag
  6. Watch a family movie
  7. Have family breakfast or dinner daily
  8. Make time for no electronics
  9.  Go on a scenic family drive
  10. Go roller skating
  11. Go ice skating
  12. Play dress up
  13. Put on a play
  14. Makeup fun trampoline games
  15. Go swimming
  16. Play pool games
  17. Plan a family game night
  18. Go for a walk maybe around the neighborhood
  19. Ask about their day at school
  20. Bake cookies together
  21. Go stargazing in the front or back yard
  22. Start a new family tradition
  23. Go on a family bike ride
  24. Plan a family picnic
  25. Plant a garden
  26. Learn more about your kid’s interests
  27. Make a craft
  28. Make an easy dessert 
  29. Ride a roller coaster
  30. Carve out time for daily play
  31. Encourage your kids in their hobbies
  32. Make the grocery list with your kids
  33. Explore some old family photos
  34. Tell them stories about your childhood
  35. Volunteer for a local cause
  36. Learn a new skill or hobby together
  37. Learn new hobby 
  38. Go on a family road trip or day trip
  39. Get out some coloring books
  40. Draw pictures
  41. Play your child’s favorite video game
  42. Go camping
  43. Involve the kids in vacation planning
  44. Have a family contest/competition
  45. Create a schedule of family events
  46. Start a family YouTube channel
  47. Do a science experiment
  48. Take a cooking class together
  49. Make family goals
  50. Volunteer in child’s classroom
  51. Go on a class field trip
  52. Build a LEGO set
  53. Make a blanket fort
  54. Start a new family tradition
  55. Go on a family hike
  56. Play in the sprinklers
  57. Learn a new song
  58. Have a family pizza party
  59. Search for Pokemon
  60. Play a board game
  61. Build a world in Minecraft
  62. Tell jokes
  63. Donate old toys together
  64. Have a family birthday party
  65. Go to the park
  66. Take go to the library
  67. Have a themed storytime
  68. Video chat together
  69. Decorate a cake 
  70. Go out for a family dinner
  71. Stick a note in their school lunch
  72. Find shells at the beach together
  73. Learn baking and decorating
  74. Have a balloon fight
  75. Have a staring contest
  76. Visit a zoo or museum together
  77. Make ice cream sundaes
  78. Learn a new game
  79. Go to a concert
  80. See a drive-in movie
  81. Play instruments
  82. Sing together 
  83. Makeup stories
  84. Tell spooky stories
  85. Dance around the house
  86. Go searching for bugs, birds, wildlife
  87. Have a nature scavenger hunt
  88. Have weekly family meetings
  89. Go swimming
  90. Build a sand castle
  91. Feed the ducks at a park
  92. Pick out a family pet together
  93. Give your kids a big hug
  94. Make a secret code
  95. Go to a theme park
  96. Sing Karaoke
  97. Make dinner together
  98. Make a family calendar together
  99. Plant a tree
  100. Go on a bus/trolley ride
  101. Climb a rock climbing wall
  102. Blow Bubbles
  103. Start a family piggy bank
  104. Have a family slumber party

With the distractions of work and school, it is quite a rare thing for families to find the time to really bond. It has to be done somehow. Fortunately, there are many activities that one can do at home to make family bonding a normal routine in your family’s life. These are some of the things that you can do with your family at home.

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