Fun and Crazy Things to Do as a Teenager at Home or with Friends

The teenage years are often considered to be the best time of your life. With little responsibilities and an abundance of energy, you are able to do just about anything. Being a teenager is a time in your life when you can pretty much do whatever you want. Which means the entire world is at your fingertips.

Crazy Things to Do as a Teenager 

Go on a local scavenger hunt

Gather a group of friends, choose a starting point and make a list of things that you need to find along the way. Be creative.

Have a water balloon fight

Fill up a bunch of water balloons, get your friends together, and have an old-fashioned water fight! Just be sure to do it somewhere where you won’t get in trouble for making a mess.

Have a mini Olympics with your friends

Make up some events like three-legged races, wheelbarrow racing, and long jumping. Give out medals for first, second, and third place — or even just for participating!

Go on a long bike ride

It’s fun to explore your neighborhood or town by bike at any time of year, but it’s especially fun in the summer when the weather is nice.

Just scream for NO reason

It’s a great feeling when you just scream without any reason with full energy and volume.

Paint your legs

It’s a very crazy thing to do but very amazing too. You can paint your legs in different colors and designs.

Try to fit in the fridge

This looks so weird but it’s entertainment for teenagers too when they see their friend fitting in a fridge or any other small place.

Dye your hair crazy colors

If you want to try out different hair colors, but don’t want to commit to them, try temporary hair dye. This way the color will wash out after a few washes and you can try out a new look whenever you want.

Make up a dance routine and perform it in public

Get some friends together and choreograph a fun routine, then go somewhere public and perform it for people. Make sure you have permission first if you’re performing in a store or somewhere else where customers may not be used to seeing dancers.

Give each other fun makeovers and then take pictures of them

If you and your friends are into fashion, give each other fun makeovers using makeup and accessories. Then take photos of each other so you can remember the finished looks.

Skip class at school (and maybe even ditch school!)

If you want to skip class, just walk out of school and go home. Your parents won’t even know! They’ll just think you went to another classroom.

Call your parents by their first name

This one’s sure to get a reaction — call them by their first names instead of Mom and Dad. They’ll probably tell you not to but do it anyway.

Rebellious Things to Do as a Teenager

If you’re a teenager and you feel like rebelling, that’s normal. Rebellion is a key component of adolescence, so it makes sense that you’d want to break the rules occasionally. However, you should be careful about the way you rebel.

You don’t want to get into big trouble or risk your safety or future. Instead, here are some rebellious things you can do without getting into serious trouble:

Prank Call Your Friends Or Parents

Sure it’s childish and stupid, but come on — it’s a rite of passage! But be warned: if you get caught, you’ll be grounded forever. Not that we’d know anything about that…

Play Ding Dong Ditch

It’s just not as fun when adults do this kind of thing, so take advantage of your youth before you get too old. Just don’t ring the doorbell at the house where the angry Rottweiler lives — he might think it’s snack time!

Get detention

If you’ve never been sent to detention, did you ever really go to high school? Getting detention is a badge of honor for many teens, who see it as proof that they’ve pushed against authority and gotten away with it.

Fake A Girlfriend

You can choose to make a completely fictional one or use a real person’s name and pretend to be dating them. You’ll have to keep up the lie for a long time, so it can be exhausting and get very tricky.

Make up a dance routine and perform it in public

You don’t have to be good at dancing or anything. You just need to learn the steps, pick some music, and show off your moves in front of people. It’ll be fun and make you feel like a superstar!

Disobey the dress code at school

I don’t mean to wear something inappropriate (even though that would be rebellious). I mean wear something that is not allowed by the school but isn’t really offensive either. For example, if you aren’t allowed to wear shorts but are allowed to wear skirts then wear short skirts instead.

Fun Things to Do as a Teenager

Get a Cell Phone

Getting a cell phone is a rite of passage for many teenagers. You can show your independence and communicate with your friends. A cell phone is also handy to have in case of an emergency. Just be sure that you are responsible enough to use the phone wisely so that you don’t get into any trouble!

Go on a Date

Going on a date is a fun thing to do as a teenager. Make sure that your date is someone you like and trust, and plan to meet up in public where other people will be around. Even if you’re only going out with friends, it’s still fun to get dressed up and go somewhere together.

Get Your Driver’s License

Driving isn’t just about getting from place to place; it’s also about freedom. Once you have your driver’s license, the world is your oyster. Just remember that driving comes with great responsibility. Never try to text while driving or drink and drive. Also, make sure you have car insurance in case anything happens while you’re on the road.

Visit the Library

If teens love reading, the library is a great way to pass the time. Most libraries offer free events, such as book clubs, that teenagers can attend. If teens are looking to make new friends, they will find other teens who also enjoy reading at their local library.


Teens who want to help others can volunteer in their community. By volunteering, teens learn responsibility and how to work with a team. Volunteering helps them feel good about themselves and the work they provide for others in need. They can find volunteer projects through school or by visiting your local food bank or homeless shelter.

Write a Book

Teens who love writing can put their skills to use by writing a book. To get started, pick out a topic or genre — from adventure stories to nonfiction books about animals — then write a list of ideas that could be included in each chapter with an outline of what will happen in the story.

Play sports

The physical activity will be good for all involved, and it will help build teamwork skills.

Go on vacation

This is an effective way to get your teen away from his usual surroundings and away from bad influences he may have at home. It also allows him to spend quality time with family members outside the home environment.

Surprise them with a gift certificate

For example, you could buy them a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant or movie theater. They’ll love being able to go there whenever they want, and the gift will improve their self-esteem because it shows that you appreciate them

Be good for all involved, and it will help build teamwork skills.

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