Can You Steam Rayon: Here is How to Do It

Rayon fabrics are made from cellulose fibers that have been regenerated from wood pulp or cotton linter. Rayon is a natural fiber, and it can be used to make a wide range of products, including clothing, upholstery, and drapery. Rayon fabrics can be washed in warm water with mild soap, but they should not be placed in the dryer.

If you want your rayon fabric to look new again, you can use a steamer with a steam setting to remove wrinkles from the fabric.

For proper ways to steam your rayon fabric, read this guide

Can You Steam Rayon?

Yes, you can use a steamer on rayon fabric. The steam will help loosen any wrinkles in the fabric so that they disappear when the steamer cools down again.

The heat from the steam causes moisture to condense on the surface of the fabric and fill up all of its creases and wrinkles.

When this happens, gravity pulls at the fabric and stretches out any wrinkles that are present on its surface. This process allows you to easily smooth out any wrinkles in your rayon fabric without having to iron it manually or by using an ironing board and an iron.

Can a Steamer Be Used on Rayon Fabric?

Yes, you can use a steamer on rayon fabric. The steam will help relax the fibers and remove wrinkles while softening the fabric. Rayon is a type of synthetic material made from cellulose fibers like cotton or wood pulp.

Because of this, it can be damaged by heat, however, if you’re careful with your settings and don’t leave it in one place for too long, you should be able to use an iron without damaging it or causing shrinkage.

Make sure that you always test out any new garment before wearing it for the first time.

What Is the Steam Setting for Rayon?

The steam setting for rayon is low or medium depending on how much steam you want out of your iron. The higher the number on your iron’s dial, the more steam it will produce, and the higher it will set your temperature as well.

If you have an iron with adjustable settings, then you can turn down the temperature to avoid burning your clothes while still producing enough steam to smooth out wrinkles and creases in your garment.

How to Steam Rayon

Rayon is a man-made fabric that is made from cellulose, a natural material found in plants. Rayon is often used in clothing because it is lightweight and easy to care for. However, rayon can shrink when you wash it or dry it on high heat. If you want to steam your rayon garment, consider the following tips:

Turn the Garment Inside Out

Steamers work best on garments that have been turned inside out. The steam does not get trapped inside the garment and instead goes through the material to clean it more thoroughly.

Hang the Rayon Garment

Hanging your garment is another important step after turning it inside out, as this will allow you to steam all parts of the garment evenly while giving each side enough space to dry properly after steaming. Hanging your garment vertically allows gravity to pull out any wrinkles so they don’t show when you wear it again.

Set the Steamer to its Lowest Setting

Using high heat can burn or melt rayon fabric. Instead, set your steamer at its lowest setting and move slowly over each area of your garment until it’s completely clean.

How to Steam Rayon Without a Steamer

If you don’t have a steamer, there are some methods that can help remove wrinkles from rayon.

  • Dampen the rayon with water. You’ll need to use a damp cloth or spray bottle filled with water and mist the fabric until it’s evenly damp. Then, place a towel over the area you’d like to steam and iron over the top of it while moving in small circles. Do this several times until your item is no longer wrinkled or creased in those areas.
  • Use boiling water in a pot or kettle on your stovetop and hold the area of concern overtop as if you were ironing it with an actual ironing board (or flat surface). This method will only work for smaller pieces of fabric like napkins or tablecloths, you could easily burn yourself if you try this technique on larger items such as shirts or dresses.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Rayon?

To get rid of wrinkles in rayon, you’ll need to use a steamer or iron. Steaming is generally considered the best method because it helps eliminate the potential for scorching, which may be an issue with irons.

If you have a clothes steamer, follow these steps:

  • Place your garment on an ironing board and set the desired temperature setting (see chart above).
  • Hang up your garment or place it on another surface such as a table or bed and place the steamer so that it’s about 12 inches away from the fabric; this prevents burning and allows for an even distribution of heat throughout the material being treated. If you don’t have enough space in your home or apartment to hang-dry items like dresses or curtains, then consider doing this outside if possible.


If you are looking for ways to keep your rayon clothing wrinkle-free, then you’re in luck. There are a variety of methods that can be used on this delicate fabric. It all depends on what type of steamer or ironing board setup works best for your lifestyle.

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