11 of The Best Haircuts for Long Hair

Long hair can be a beautiful and versatile element of your style. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with different lengths, textures, and colors. But once in a while, you may want to get rid of some of that length. If you’re looking for the best haircuts for long hair for women then you’ve come to the right place.

There are many different styles of haircuts that work well on long hair. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites below:

Things to Consider

When it comes to haircuts for long hair, there are several factors to consider before making any final decisions. These include:

Your face shape

If you have a round face like Scarlett Johansson or Gwyneth Paltrow, then a blunt cut will suit you well. However, if your face is more angular or oval-shaped, then an asymmetrical cut might be better suited to your features.

Your hair type and thickness

As mentioned above, some people with thin hair prefer shorter styles because they help them to appear thicker on their heads than they actually are. Others with thick locks can opt for something longer and layered so that it adds volume without weighing down their strands too much.”

Best Haircuts for Long Hair

Straight across the top, with a side part

image 81

This is a classic style that works on all face shapes, including round or oval. It’s also great for those with thick hair because it frames the face well and adds fullness to thin strands.

The undercut

image 71
Source: pinterest

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair. It requires that you have long, thin hair and a little bit of length in the front. The idea is that you cut all your hair off at the root and then shave down the sides so that it looks like a bowl cut on top with longer strands hanging down in front.

You also want to get rid of as much bulk as possible by cutting off all your bangs or sideburns. It’s best if you do this yourself so that you can make sure it looks good before going out into public.

The side-parted look

image 70
Source: hairstylesweekly

If you don’t want to go through all that trouble with an undercut, there is another option available: a side-parted haircut with longer bangs or sideburns in front (or both). Again, this requires that you have some length in your hair and that it isn’t too thick or heavy.

You can either buy a side parting kit from any beauty supply store or use regular scissors to create the effect yourself using a mirror.

Long layers on top with a short fringe

image 72
Source: hairmotive

This is another classic look that works on anyone who wants to wear their hair long but doesn’t want to sacrifice style by trying something different. The fringe adds dimension to your face shape and makes you look older, while the layers give you more texture and movement so you’ll always feel stylish.

Shoulder-grazing bobs

image 73
Source: glamour

This cut is simple and easy on the hair. It’s also a great way to try out buzz cuts, which have become popular in recent years. No matter what your length, this bob will suit your style.

The curly bob

image 74
Source: latest-hairstyles

This is a classic choice for those with long hair, and it works on everyone from those with fine or straight hair to those with thick, wavy locks. It’s easy to maintain and can be styled in a number of different ways depending on your mood and how much time you want to spend styling it.

U cut

image 75
Source: mydukaan

The u-cut is another popular option for women with long hair and is also great for those who want a more creative look than the traditional bob. The u-cut involves cutting your hair straight across your head from ear to ear and then curling it up at the end of each side of your head before shaping it into a circular shape with bangs or curls.

Front cut

image 76
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The front cut is a modern, short hairstyle that is popular with women. This haircut is ideal for women who want to wear their hair straight on the top but with some layers on the sides. You can also add bangs if you prefer. This style requires regular trims to keep it in good shape, but it’s an easy cut to do at home.

Tapered ends haircut

image 77
Source: latest-hairstyles

This is a haircut for women with long, straight hair that wants to add some shape and volume at the top. The tapered ends are shaved in a gradual slope, making it easy to style and add texture to your look.

Shaved-side layered cut

image 78

Sometimes you just want a change from the same old look. This layered cut is perfect for those who have been bored with their usual hairstyle and want something more interesting. It’s not too complicated, but it definitely doesn’t have the same basic look as most other haircuts, so you’ll stand out from the crowd!

V Cut Layers

image 79

Long Wavy Haircut with Bangs

image 80
Source: hairstylesweekly

The long hair look is the most popular and trendy choice for women these days. Long hair on girls is a symbol of beauty and femininity. It’s such an awesome feeling to have long hair and there are so many things you can do with it.

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