50+ Must-Try Summer Nail Designs for 2022

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Nail art is the new way to express yourself, and there’s nothing more fun than doing it yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a natural look or something colorful and bold, here are some of the best Summer Nails we have seen so far.

The Best 8 Interior Design Ideas in...
The Best 8 Interior Design Ideas in 2022

From gold glitter manicures to bright red nails, there’s something here for every taste.

  1. Purple & Gold
purple and gold spring summer nails designs

2. Summer Wave

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3. Rainbow Tipped Nail Design

rainbow tipped nails designs summer spring

4. Glam Matte Nails

5. Cartoon Clouds Nails

6. Pink and Gold Nails


7. Rainbow French Nails

8. Mint Green Nails 

pale mint green rounded long nails for spring. summer pastel nail designs

9. Designer Label Nail Art 

luxury nail art designer summer nails

10. Summer Plaid Nails

summer plaid nail design

11. Star Shine

teeth whitening 3

12. Ombre Nail

13. Purple Glitter Nails

purple glitter nails summer. glitter holiday nail design

14. Pine Chamelon

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15. Black Swirl Nails

black and pink spring summer nails designs

16. Papaya Designs

17. Blossom Bloom 

image 1

19. Crystal Lattice Nails

image 2
teeth whitening 3 1

20. Evil Eye Nail Designs

image 3

21. Checker Nails Designs

22. Pink Polka Dot Designs

image 5

23. Greenish Power

23. Nail Wraps

image 7

25. Pink Spin

26. Glitter Nude Nails

image 9


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